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ICD Controls specialises in motion control and offers high quality variable speed drives and motors at competitive prices.  The use of drives gives very accurate control of equipment and in many cases reduces electricity usage, therefore saving money.


They are ideally suited for use on pumps, fans, mixers, manufacturing machinery, air conditioners and conveyors.  Drives from ICD are used in applications as diverse as fibre spinning, plastics extrusion and flow control for fountains.  For more information on variable speed drives and motors, click here.  Companies represented by ICD include Emerson/WER, MagneTek, Meiden and Power Resources.


In addition to supplying individual variable speed drives, ICD also manufactures complete drive systems, details of which can be found on our Services page.




Another cost saving solution from ICD Controls is the Mercury Displacements Industries' (MDI) range of mercury relays and contactors designed for high power switching applications. 


They are capable of millions of cycles with near silent operation.  MDI products offer a very reliable and cost effective alternative to conventional relays and contactors and are used in applications ranging from heaters to street lighting.


MDI also manufactures a range of tilt switches, proximity switches and liquid level control floats, all available from ICD.  For more information on mercury relays, contactors and other products from MDI, click here.





Many customers request special electronic products to be manufactured for their particular requirements.  ICD has a wealth of experience to call on and the ability to produce the products best suited to your application.  Please click here for more details.


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