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ICD Controls specialises in the supply and installation of variable speed drives and motors.  We represent several manufacturers so are able to provide the best product to suit your application.


Standard Drives


Drives from ICD range in size from fractional power ratings to over 400kW.  They feature a wide range of in-built parameters to enable the drives to be tailored to suit almost any application.


A significant benefit obtained from the use of AC variable speed drives is the increased speed control which can reduce electricity consumption.  The United Kingdom's Department of the Environment, Transport and the Regions has prepared a booklet that describes how AC drives work and also how the use of them can save money.  For your free copy of the 'Variable Speed Drives' booklet, please Contact ICD.


Today's drives feature advanced technology which gives even more benefit to the user.  The Meiden VT230S for AC motors, pictured above, offers five operating modes in one package - control for constant torque loads, control for variable torque loads, sensorless vector control, closed loop vector control and PM motor control.  Combining these five technologies in one package has created a supremely advanced yet very cost effective solution.


The majority of drives can be used on a variety of input voltages from 200VAC to 480VAC operating at 50Hz or 60 Hz.  They are also available for both AC and DC applications and offer numerous parameters for both accurate and safe running of equipment.  Options can be added to most drives to increase the flexibility of the end product.


For further information on AC or DC drives, please Contact ICD


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High Frequency Drives


The Volkmann 9000 series of AC variable speed drives has an output frequency of up to 3000Hz and uses a proprietary sinusoidal waveform technology that is designed especially to operate spindles running at extremely high speed, such as machine tools and test stands.


Advanced design throughout the 9000 series allows speed resolutions as low as 0.01Hz  and a more perfect output waveform.  This can increase the bearing and insulation lives of high speed spindles.  With the numerous parameters present in the 9000 and the availability of options to improve control, most high speed applications can be catered for.


The drive is very simple to operate by using the keypad and four-line, 80 character LCD display.  Information is displayed in plain English with no special codes.  A 'Help' button provides user-friendly support.


Input voltages range from 230VAC to 460VAC, 3 phase, 50/60Hz.  Power ratings extend from 2HP to 200HP, giving possible output currents of between 3.6A to 250A.


For further information on the Volkmann 9000 series of AC drives, please Contact ICD.


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Retro-Fit DC Drives


Melltrum in the United States has produced a range of DC drives that are ideal for retro-fit applications.  The robustly built and reliable Melltrum range extends from 5HP to 300HP and has been designed to be installed in applications that currently use DC controllers.  One very popular use is on extruders where powerful and reliable DC drives are vital.


All drives can accept an input of either 240VAC or 480VAC and can deliver up to either 240VDC for low voltage input or 500VCD for high voltage input.  Standard adjustments are available as a series of potentiometers on the main control board which makes the Melltrum range exceptionally easy to set-up.  Many option kits are available to enhance the ability of the drives to suit each application.


For further information on the Melltrum range of DC drives, please Contact ICD.


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To complement the variable speed drives from ICD, we also supply both AC and DC motors.  They are available in a variety of power ratings, frame types and enclosure ratings.


Both AC and DC motors range in size from fractional power ratings to hundreds of kilowatts and are ideal for both new applications and retro-fit.  Whether you require a standard motor for basic speed control or a more advanced motor for high speed or precision control, ICD can supply the product to suit your application.


For further information on either AC or DC motors, please Contact ICD.


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